I remember the first time I went into NYC with my daughter. I'm an introvert. I like trees, lots of trees, and wide blue skies. I almost began hyperventilating when the bus entered the city. By the time I got off the bus, I was frantic. How can I possibly survive this day? This was a gift to my daughter, and here she's going to get to watch her mom unravel in a city she's been dreaming of visiting.

Eye contact. I made it a point to make eye contact with every person I passed. Most times they were looking straight ahead, but sometimes I would catch someone's eye, I'd smile and say hi or nod my head. Many times they'd already passed me before they could respond, but I caught a look of surprise in their face before they were gone. Other times I would get a smile and nod back, and that's when in my heart I did a "YES! Just scored a point dance", lol.

But it grounded me. I couldn't deal with the masses. But I could deal with one-to-one. There were just a lot of them, more than usual. Okay. But that's what I did. And I loved it. Wound up having a great time.

My daughter drew the line on me doing that with street vendors and their bus or touring pamphlets though. She had to pull me away from the ones who thought they hit a mark 😂

But it was one of our best days we spent together. And now when we go back, that's my secret weapon 😊

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Yes and a secret weapon it is. I am with you on not dealing with the masses and instead the one on one momentary encounters. Beautiful. Thanks for reading and responding.

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