An Artist’s Journey is a publication which will give you insight into personal experiences from an artist’s perspective. A perspective that questions the status quo, seeks answers and reveals truths of everyday living that are often denied.

I began writing and sending my words out into the universe when observing my daughter get swallowed up by addiction. I needed an outlet to keep from going insane. A way to connect with others who may be experiencing the same feelings of “where do we go from here?” I keep writing because just as my art, there is never a time when there is not something to reveal.

My daughter has become one of my biggest fans as well as being an excellent writer herself.

As a visual artist, I have always created work that digs into my soul and brings out the best and worst of me. As a writer, I use words to help me verbalize those revelations and provide perspective on all of life’s weird twists and turns.

For now, all my posts are open to everyone (except the audio versions).

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I encourage you to comment on my writing whenever appropriate. Feedback inspires me.

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